Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 In Nigeria: Unboxing Pictures, Specs And Where to Buy

So not long ago, news broke out that Chinese tech giant, an innovative company behind many top gadgets and smartphone brands like Redmi with the redmi note 7, Poco with the Pocophone F1 was coming to Nigeria.

It was good to hear. These guys make good smartphones, and most of them are midrange phones with amazing specs and the best part? They are not too expensive. Xiaomi itself coming to Nigeria made a lot of people happy, myself included.

You see I use the Redmi note 5 pro and the experience has been amazing, I’ve been careless with it much time and broke the screen twice already and it was a serious pain importing the parts I need to replace from China.

With this news, future repairs can always be made easily and it also takes away the hassles of having inexperienced roadside engineers tear your phone apart for a repair.

So What’s The Xiaomi Redmi Note 7

redmi note 7 box pictures nigeria

Pfffft! Only one of Xiaomi redmi’s latest and best midrange smartphones.

If you’ve been active in the tech space in Nigeria then you’d have seen or heard about the Redmi note 7 some way somehow whether through an ad Xiaomi is running or people are talking about it.

I have to tell you one thing though, for an averagely priced smartphone, the phone is unbelievably strong especially the screen area and I guess that is possible with the help of the corning gorilla glass added to the screen.

Mad right?

Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 Specifications

redmi note 7 pictures nigeria

Moving on, you may want to know what the Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 is made of.

Well I had a chance to unbox one and right off the bat you’re greeted with a couple of things:

  • A rubber case to protect the phone
  • A manual
  • A sim ejector
  • Type-C USB charger
  • The Smartphone itself.

According to Xiaomi itself, the smartphone rocks the following specifications:

Redmi Note 7 Quick Specs

6.26" HD+ with Dot Drop display
19:9 aspect ratio
4000mAh (typ)
high-capacity battery
Two-day battery life*
Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 632
High-efficiency octa-core performance
3D curved reflective back cover
Stylish gradient design
4000mAh (typ)
high-capacity battery
Two-day battery life*
2+1 card slot design
Support up to 512GB
AI portrait mode
Face recognition
AI beatutify 4.0
AI scene detection (27 scenes)
AI beautify 4.0
AI portrait mode
Screen flash
Selfie timer
Face recognition
Palm shutter

Support 2.4 GHz
WiFi Direct
Bluetooth 4.2
Bluetooth audio

Height: 158.73mm
Width: 75.58mm
Thickness: 8.47mm
Weight: 180g

See more on the official Mi site. That’s not all, The Redmi Note 7 is as beautiful as it is strong.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 Pictures

redmi note 7 pictures nigeria

redmi note 7 back pictures nigeria

The xiaomi redmi note 7 is no doubt a beautiful phone.

It’s large 6.26″ HD+ with Dot Drop display screen is magnificent and the back gradient finishing design is a beauty to behold, although they are fingerprint magnets, however, with the protective case on you’ll be just fine with this device.

Take a look at some pictures of the Xiaomi redmi note 7 we took for the purpose of this blog post.

Where to Buy The Xiaomi Redmi Note 7?

redmi note 7 pictures nigeria

Even without the presence of Xiaomi in Nigeria, you can lay your hands on the Global version of most these phones from ecommerce sites like Aliexpress and Gearbest.

The twist is just that depending on what your budget is, you can pay DHL to ship it in within a week for a pricey price or do normal shipping that takes almost a month.

Good news? With these guys available here you can easily pick one up via Jumia in your country.

Check Price Now: Buy Redmi Note 7 From Jumia Nigeria | Buy Redmi Note 7 From Jumia Kenya | Buy Redmi Note 7 From Jumia Ghana (3GB / 32GB Version)

Check Price Now: Buy Redmi Note 7 From Jumia Nigeria | Buy Redmi Note 7 From Jumia Kenya | Buy Redmi Note 7 From Jumia Ghana (3GB / 32GB / 48 MP Camera Version)

Check Price Now: Buy Redmi Note 7 From Jumia Nigeria | Buy Redmi Note 7 From Jumia Kenya | Buy Redmi Note 7 From Jumia Ghana (4GB / 64GB / 48 MP Camera Version)

In Conclusion

xiaomi redmi note 7 pictures nigeria

The Xiaomi phone is an excellent smartphone for anyone having around 58K to spend on a smartphone. Strong screen, battery life, awesome camera, and innovative design.

Tell us what you think about this phone in the comment section and read these best phones to buy under 35k if you don’t have up to what Xiaomi is asking you to cough out for the Redmi Note 7.

Thanks for stopping by.

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