The Xiaomi A3 Just Launched For $250, Here’s Why And Where to Get Yours

Xiaomi is one of the world’s leaders when it comes to making tech-related products and its sub-brand Redmi is very well known for making beautiful, featured-packed smartphones and making them available at affordable prices.

If you’re constantly scouting the tech, most especially the mobile phones community online, you’ll know that Redmi isn’t planning on backing down when it comes to launching new mobile phones in 2019.

Among many, we’ve written about the most notable ones like redmi note 7 and what it looks like… We also shared a quick one on the brand’s flagship killer, the Redmi K20/K20 Pro and its amazing features for the price it’s being sold.

Now that A3 just launched, let’s talk about it as it may actually be the next phone you’ll buy.

What sets the Redmi A series apart

Xiaomi (Redmi) pumps out quite a number of devices each year and most of them are or have a series attached to them. There’s the:

  • Note series (Arguably the most popular among Redmi’s lineups.
  • Mix series (The flagship levels)
  • Mi series (Dubbed as ‘K’ series in some countries)
  • A series (What we’re talking about today)
  • Poco (The pocophone series was wildly accepted when it launched its first and only device, for now)
  • And a couple of others.

So, the thing is, something differentiates these devices in what they bring to the table… For example, the Pocophone is known for speed with its processor, RAM size and design. The Note series is overall one of the best mid-range series on earth. Mix series brings cutting-edge design and features to the table.

The A-series then, why the A series? There are two things that stand out about this redmi phone series and they are:

  • The Camera
  • The UI (Google Stock Android)

The camera sets on the A series are always something to brag about right from the first device, the A1 then the A2 and now the A3. It’s not surprising at all.

In terms of camera, the A3 Packs 32MP selfie with 48MP AI triple camera. It can shoot 6560×4920 ultra-high-definition photos with more clarity than its predecessors. Let’s talk about the UI quickly.

Mi A3 Grey

If you’ve used any Xiaomi phones in the past you’d have come across the MIUI, It’s Xiaomi’s custom Android feel just as Oxygen OS is to the OnePlus and the One UI is to Samsung, MIUI is Xiaomi’s definition of what an Android phone should look like and it comes bundled with every Redmi device.

However with the A-series, you’re not getting the MIUI and its baggages, it’s got pros and cons. You’re getting Stock Android, the original Android feel from Google without extra customizations or unnecessary apps, bloatware.

Just the pure Android experience that comes with Pixel phones.

So in short? Those two things are why the A series is welcomed every time a new successor is announced and launched.

Why Buy The Redmi A3 Phone?

Xiaomi mi a 3 blue

And here I was thinking the section above would do justice to this question.

The A3 is special. It’s something. Apart from the camera specs and UI benefits explained above. You’re getting a big battery on the Redmi A3. It comes with a big 4030 mAh and it only weighs 173.8g.

Now that’s super light-weight for a phone carrying that much battery.

Also if you’re a fan of Samsung’s colorful display, the device is a 6.088″ Samsung’s AMOLED screen German VDE certification and it supports super-intelligent environment adaptation. The processor on the device is the Snapdragon 710 and with 4GB RAM, you can expect decent speed.

Another good thing about the A3 is that it retains the headphone jack everyone’s losing these days and yes you also get the new 7th generation light-sensitive in-screen fingerprint recognition.

Now that’s powerful innit?

Ready to buy? Let’s show you the best places to buy your own Mi A3.

Where to Buy Xiaomi Mi A3?

Did you know? The Mi A3 Supports 5G WiFi and has USB Type-C charging port. Just saying.

If you want to buy the Mi A3, depends on your origin, we’ll recommend only two global stores to get the ones for your region or just the good ol’ global version that can be used anywhere.

Our favorite and most recommended stores are Amazon and AliExpress.

Shop The Mi A3 on Amazon

Shop The Mi A3 On AliExpress

What’s your take on this device? Let us know in the comments section below.

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