UC Browser: The Best Android App to Download Large Files

If you want to download large files like movies, documents, videos, and other essentially not normal sized files off of the Internet on your Mobile phone? Then you need a browser that’s equal to the task.

Every now and then I have to ditch my computer to use my phone in downloading the latest movies and TV shows from sites like Goojara.

For tasks like these, I can’t or don’t always use Google Chrome which happens to be my default browser. Love it, love it, but when it comes to downloading stuff? It outright sucks.

Here’s why I pick UC Browser for all my downloads

UC Browser has been around for a very long time serving as a standalone Web browser not only on PC but especially on mobile and as a worthy alternative to Chrome and Mozilla’s Firefox.

It’s safe to say when it comes to my usual up and down, philandering on the Internet, chrome is my goto browser. It has all the features I need to enjoy browsing the Internet with pages loaded correctly and it pays attention to details.

But when I need to download or at least stream with incredible speed without caring how the page loads, I go for UC Browser.

This is why all my android phones have both apps installed.

You should too.

Using UC browser is effortlessly easy. Just download the app from Google Playstore here and install then you’re good to go.

UC Browser Has Powerful Adblocking Features

UC Browser sure has many options infact UC news is one of them but another remarkable reason to choose UC browser when trying to download movies is for it’s powerful Adblocking solution.

Sites like where you can download movies from tends to serve a whole lot of ads, Using UC won’t make them all go away but it’s sure to block them and save data in return.

With its inbuilt features like page optimisation options, powerful ad blocking, UC makes browsing the Internet and downloading huge files like movies so easy.

You should try it especially when you want to stream or download new TV shows from sites like O2tvseries.

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