Google Chrome may be leading in the web browsers market share right now but believe me, there are still people who are die-hard Firefox fans like me, that could be because that’s all we could ever use when we go to the cafe those days.

And guess what, your love for firefox is even about to wax stronger cause with these Mozilla Firefox shortcuts, you can move around faster when using the browser to access the Internet.

There may be a couple saying about going through shortcuts in life but it’s just fine when you’re browsing the internet hence using your browser.

These shortcuts will save you the few extra seconds and strength it takes to move your cursor around to start getting things done like printing a page or bookmarking a page or opening a new tab.

10 Mozilla Firefox Shortcuts to Know

  • 1.) BookMark a Page ==== CTRL + D
  • 2.) Save a Page ===== CTRL + S
  • 3.) Show Downloads ===== CTRL + J
  • 4.) Web Search ==== CTRL + K
  • 5.) Clear History ===== CTRL + Shift + DEL
  • 6.) View Page Source Code ==== CTRL + U
  • 7.) Find Keyword ==== CTRL + F
  • 8.) Open a New window ==== CTRL + N
  • 9.) Open a New Tab ===== CTRL + T
  • 10.) Print Page ==== CTRL + P

Most of these shortcuts also work on Google chrome browser.

We hope they make your life easier as much as they’ve made ours. Join us on YouTube here for more techy techy tips.

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