11 Websites to Download And Stream Movies Online Free

Many people around the globe do not have all the cash and time to splash for a vacation or an expensive outing; even for just a day. But as the speed of the internet increases, lots of users now find solace in streaming and watching movies online for free.

This concept was better explained on how to get your Netflix subscription for cheap we published earlier, where we narrate the hassles of being able to stream movies online.

Watching a good movie will definitely make you feel better and also make your break at work a fulfilling one. And if perhaps you love going often to the theater to watch films, then these 11 websites to stream and watch movies online is everything you ever wanted.

1. YouTube


Yes, YouTube is the first on our entry. And this is because you can actually now stream movies on YouTube for free.

Go to the movie section of YouTube; browse through genre or with the right name. But then, you can watch the latest film for a small token of $3.33. You can, however, have a swell time browsing the YouTube free movie section as well with the HD quality.

2. CmoviesHD

websites to stream movies online free

CmoviesHD, is doing really great since after popping up for the first time in 2016. They offer free streaming movies with quick storylines, genres, and movie-star recaps provided for recently added sections.

The default player which has been chosen throughout the pages is top notch extending good kindness to subtitles (cc), super smooth loading, and a range of video quality settings.

More reasons why you’d fall in love with this is that;

  • They suggest the latest movies for your satisfaction.
  • There is no intrusion of ads during usage.
  • It is easy to get a quick overview of each movie.

No intrusion doesn’t mean any ads. It just means less. Running a movie streaming website is no joke and requires quite a number of resource to keep it going, those ads pay for the expenses.

3. Subsmovies

Subsmovies is another great option for movie lovers. One fascinating attribute of Subsmovies is that users can activate subtitles in major languages like English, French, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, German, Dutch and also Portuguese.

The audio actually still comes out in English, yet you are given the option to choose an alternative major language as a subtitle.

Subsmovies is dream-come-true for lovers whose mother tongue is not English or are not familiar with it.

4. AzMovie

stream movies online free

Have you heard about AzMovie? This site gives you free access to watch movies on the web without registration. More juice is that you will be watching movies only in HD with most of the movies being 1080p real full HD quality.

More so, you have no worries having to reveal your credit card details to an unknown site. this is because you are able to watch movies even without signing up first!

There are three servers you will be able to choose from. If one doesn’t work, you have two other options to stream your favorite movie.

Movies are categorized on the basis of genre and year. You will also be able to harness the search feature to see if your favorite movie is on the list or not.

5. HDonline

websites to stream movies online free

HDonline is one website with a massive database of free TV series and movies. You are open to lots of options for movies and TV series to choose from. As at the time of writing this post, HDonline is one of the best websites to stream movies online free.

Just like the CmoviesHD, HDonline is also free of ads. Which means that your experience will be free of any ad intrusion. More so, you are able to stream without any form of registration or sign-ups.

Filters are also available for your use on the site, to watch movies of a particular year, genre, country and so on. A search box is also available for your use to directly look up a particular movie.


download movies on goojara

Here at Goojara is our favorite movie download/streaming website.

The guys that run Goojara are for sure not out to joke as the website is updated every minute with the latest movies you can stream in CAM and as soon as they’re released? HD version.

Personally, I use Goojara for my movie shenanigans as it provides not just one but multiple download links to the movies as well and they are absolutely free. If you want to stream movies online free then your best bet is to use Goojara.

Another benefit Goojara gives is also the availability of not just the latest movies to stream but the latest tv shows as well and you can stream or download those for free.

7. Hotstar

websites to stream movies online free

Hotstar is a hot site just as the name implies, where you can watch a list of TV series, movies, and even the news. Their service is now being extended to India and a few neighboring countries of India.

You would be able to use the site in English and Hindi. There are also loads of daily soaps to watch on this site. More so, you can enjoy services by using a VPN service.

There are contents on Hotstar which you have options of downloading later to be watched offline. Finally, you will be able to watch more movies on the site by upgrading as a paid membership for $3 a month.

8. Sony Crackle

Sony Crackle is an entertainment website that lets users stream free movies and watch free TV shows. The site has awesomely selected programming, as well as very decent video quality.

Lots of the movies available are totally random for computers, phones, and tablets. And more importantly, these movies are free!

9. Retrovision


Retrovision is a site with free movie streaming. Users will find genres like Crime, Film Noir Movies, Comedy, Horror, Western war, Adventure, and Sci-Fi. All these categories are included already on the Homepage.

Users can make a search of their interest via the categories, browse it and enjoy for free.

10. Sockshare

Have you heard of Sockshare? Sockshare is one movie site that is gaining a good flock of regular users. This means it would be high up competing with the ‘A lists’ soon.

Sockshare has a newly designed user interface that produces a pleasant overall experience. It also a good backup site for free shows online and a guide indicating how to watch included movies.

Users can make their search right from the landing page by just simply clicking the top navigation bar for your desired category.

Browsing their reviews, users will find many hot topics being discussed how to watch shows online in the easiest way.

11. GoMovies

websites to stream movies online free

GoMovies is a site that users will find very easy to use.  It has a massive collection of Movies and TV series. The collection is also repleted with latest movies.

Users can find their interest on the home page of the site by going through a selection that is in alphabetical order.

Movies are in HD quality and the load speed of the movies and TV series are quite good too. And the quality is also in HD. So, you can easily stream your favorite movies online with ease.

These eleven websites are the best sites to stream movies online free in 2019. Of course, this list isn’t complete without mentioning the likes of o2TVseries where you can download and stream the latest TV shows for free right from your device.

We hope these sites are able to cure your boredom every now and then when you do decide to engage them.

But something worth knowing is that these types of movie streaming websites use different technologies to display ads that may find its way into your device and inflict damage. Also, most of these services aren’t entirely legal, although safe to use.

If you’re able to subscribe to a service like Netflix, Hulu, HBO do it or if an advanced user, use services like Kodi or plex to stream your movies.

Thoughts? We’re listening. Talk to us in the comments section.

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