Stream App Let’s You Listen to YouTube Music on Your Phone While Doing Other Things

Finally, here’s a solution to never having to be confined to YouTube on your phone cause you’re watching a music video.

How many times have you been listening to music or essentially streaming on YouTube via your mobile phone and have to either pause to minimize and do other things or just can’t cause if you minimize then what you’re listening to will have to stop.

Because unlike the traditional YouTube app that doesn’t allow you play anything in the background, this app finds a work around that and now you if you’re like me, you can listen to music on YouTube all day long while doing other things on your phone.

Introducing Free Music For YouTube: Stream

Creates by the guys MWM, the stream app is all you need to stream free music all day long on your phone. The things you need?

  • High quality WiFi or strong mobile connection.
  • Your mobile phone.
  • The stream app.

And that about does it. This app is free as well and with it you’ll be listening to music you ought to be paying for if you have apple music or Spotify which may sound better but…

… The cooler thing here of course is that you gain access to the entire content YouTube has to offer. This does not include music, so whatever you like to watch on YouTube? You can listen to (even watch too) using the stream app.

You not only get to stream free music from YouTube with the stream app, there are other features you’ll love as well.

View Top Music Charts In Different Countries Using Stream

Again, if you’re like me and love listening to all kinds of music from different parts of the world as long as they make sense then don’t think twice the Stream app is for you.

With the stream app, you can view and listen to the top 100 charts in not one not two but four countries.

  • TOP Music Charts In The UK
  • TOP Music Charts In The US
  • TOP Music Charts In Brazil
  • TOP Music Charts In South Korea

How cool is that? This simplifies everything and let’s you discover what’s trending, hot and listened to in four different countries at once without breaking a sweat.

Discover Latest Music Releases On The Stream App

Yep, there’s a section entirely for that.

Since this app directly pulls content from YouTube, the only difference is the way its been presented, you can see a list of the latest songs all in one place.

Don’t mind my list, I have different apps for streaming music, stream is what I use for Hip-Hop/rap music.

You can always customize the types of songs you’re being recommended by hunting for songs that you want to listen to and see more of.

But is that all? There’s more.

Discover Music In Different Categories And Genres

Talking about songs you’ve never heard before and those you’ve heard but haven’t no clue on where to search and listen to them.

Apart from the latest releases section you will find on this app, there’s also another reason to get the stream app is to find music that you’ll actually really like.

For example, this category “Radio” is music based on how you’re feeling and what you’re about to do, if you’re the type that can’t go a few task without listening to something, you’ll find this section very useful.

This among other other features and how the stream app makes listening to YouTube Music incredibly easy is why you should get it for yourself.

If you use an Android device, Download the App HERE from playstore, ios users can get it from the App store as well.

All the best in your music discovery journey. Follow on Facebook here and if you’re the app type then this meme Generator is all you need to create viral memes free, from your phone.

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