Snapchat Not Working? 6 Things You Should Do Immediatly

The Independent news recently reported challenging situation faced by many Snapchat users who are facing a wide range of issues all pointing towards three words “Snapchat not working“.

According to the report:

“Snapchat has stopped working for at least some of its users.

Instead of showing the usual filters and lenses or the ability send messages, the app is simply failing to load.

Users report seeing a message telling them that the service isn’t working and that they should refresh the app. But refreshing does not seem to be working, and thousands of people have reported problems.”

Snapchat is a really fun way to stay in touch with loved ones and according to the creators, it is the best ways to share a moment or a series of moments.aBut if it encounters any problem, you could be left out of the loop.

Snapchat Not Working?

If Snapchat isn’t working for you, then it may not be working for others as well. But then, how do you find out?

snapchat not working
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1. Visit Snapchat’s Support account on Twitter. Read through the most recent tweets. You are definitely going to come across updates by @snapchatsupport keeping its users abreast of the situation.

2. There is a third-party site that tracks real-time issues on different services; Snapchat inclusive. It is Down Detector. You can find out if Snapchat is experiencing issues in certain geographical areas by selecting the black Live Outage Map button to see a heat map of where in the world issues with Snapchat are being reported.

And if it comes out you find a tweet from @snapchatsupport, a red bar on Down Detector, or perhaps a hot spot in your area on Down Detector’s Live Outage Map, then it is more likely that the problem is on Snapchat’s end.

All you would have to do is sit back and wait while Snapchat resolves it.

3. Another way involves going to in a web browser. Look at the status bar directly beneath the service summary.

If there are general problems, it would give a red indication with a Problems at Snapchat label will be seen. But if not, you would see a green indication with a No problems at Snapchat label.

However, you may also consider troubleshooting Snapchat issues following these suggestions:

1. Check Network Connection

The first thing to often consider whenever you are faced with Snapchat issues is the network connection.

Ensure that the app is working properly and also that the app has all the necessary permissions to access the internet.

Go to Settings -> Apps -> Snapchat.

Looking up Snapchat app’s info, check for all necessary permissions. Also, check to see whether or not you’re connected to the internet by opening the settings menu — Wi-Fi or device’s network.

2. Restart your phone

android devoce
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Just like many smartphone related-issues, you can restart your phone when Snapchat isn’t working.

Reset your device and that may just be everything you ever needed to solve the issue.

3. Clear Snapchat app cache

Another possible fix you should also consider is to open Snapchat, open your profile, tap settings, scroll to the bottom and tap Clear cache.

Some files downloaded by apps on your phone may be corrupted and also cause the smooth functioning of the Snapchat app.

4. Update the Snapchat app

Apps on the Google play store often demand regular update. Snapchat is not an exception.

Open the Google Play Store app. Tap on “My apps & games”. Then, go to the “Update” button which is next to the Snapchat app, check if an update is available.

Issues you are facing may be easily solved by just updating the app. The issues may be known and an update fixing those issues has already been pushed out by the developers.

5. Not Using the Beta Version of Snapchat

snapchat beta
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Google has now created an option for users to engage in the beta testing of the next version update of apps.

Developers often push out the beta software for those who are interested in testing the next version of apps, to enable them to point out possible bugs before the actual release.

It is possible you may have unknowingly entered the beta program for the Snapchat app. Beta programs can often get buggy and cause problems.

You can check this by visiting Google Play Store on your Android smartphone. Go to My Apps & Games by clicking the 3 dashes on the top left corner.

You will see 4 opens at the top left corner of the page that opens. Select the last option labeled Beta. For a Beta version, the app will be found listed there.

Perhaps, you find your app listed and want to leave the program, click on the app in the list and scroll down to the bottom. You will see it mentioned there that you are a beta tester, also with a button to leave the beta testing program.

Click, and you are fine.

6. Reinstall the app

Perchance, you have tried all the aforementioned, but then, your Snapchat issues will just not go, *swallow spit* it may be time to take the hard step.

You will have to reinstall the app.

Using the default Android process, uninstall the app. Then go to the Google Play Store to reinstall it. This should definitely solve your snapchat issues for good.

If after all these and you’re still unable to get your snapchat working then it must be from Snapchat’s end and all you can do is wait for them to fix it. If you want to learn how to save Snapchat videos then this is your guide 🙂

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