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O2TvSeries: Stream And Download Latest TV Shows On Your Phone

In this post, we are going to examine how to easily stream the latest TV shows online for free or download Popular TV shows to your phone without paying a single cent using o2Tvseries.

There are many rules that govern how TV shows are being watched in different parts of the world.

In the UK, US for example where most of these content creators originate from you’re meant to be having about 2 to 4 movie, TV show downloading subscription services like Netflix, a HBO account if you want to watch the latest game of thrones episodes as soon as they go live.

That’s not all, there’s Hulu, Amazon prime and many others, even more in works, that’s if you’ve heard of the upcoming Disney+.

These services are nice, however, they cost money and most importantly are not available in most countries.

For example to get yourself a HBO account in Nigeria, you’d have to do it illegally, by tweaking your IP address so as to be able to subscribe.

That and many other issues like most interesting movies and TV shows on Netflix that is even available globally are restricted in different regions. For example, I can’t watch, Avengers: Infinity war on my Netflix account except I’m from the UK or the US and we both pay the same amount for this subscription? Sighs.

So How Do I keep up with the Latest Shows?

The unavailability of these shows in your region shouldn’t, doesn’t mean you can’t watch them or at least keep up.

In fact, with websites like Goojara, and the O2tvseries we’re talking about today, you can stream or download most of your favourite and latest TV shows without paying a dime.

Just one catch, you’ll be bombarded with ads.

It’s not big deal though provided that you’re not paying for the content you’re viewing and that’s how the site runners get to fund the site to keep it free, you just need to find your way through to the content you’re looking for.

How to download and watch TV shows online with O2tvseries free?

That’s what we’re going to be examining in this section.The shows uploaded on O2tvseries have been dubbed down for mobile phone quality which means no big file sizes or losing unnecessary data for streaming.

To get started, determine if you enough data to stream or download or which one you want to be doing in essence.

Once that is done, jump on a browser like UC browser, its the one one recommend for operations like this, here’s why.

Go to the site homepage, and you’ll see the latest updates of the latest TV shows like below. But that’s not where you download. That’s just a list of latest additions that are updated everyday BTW.You’ll need to scroll down to the list of shows that are categorised by the beginning of the show title letters and grouped into three letters each, for example, shows with name starting from A, B, C – D, E, F and so on.

It looks like below, so if you’re looking to stream or download a show like Game of Thrones on O2tvseries, you’ll need to click on the G, H, I section.After that then you’ll see a page with a list of shows starting from those three letters, depending on how recently they’ve been updated.

If not updated recently then you’ll need to use the next button to locate your show but for the for this tutorial, we’ll be downloading the latest episode of game of thrones.

Clicking on the show name should take you to a page like below, note: Due to the pop ads placed by the site owners the first clicks usually takes you to a weird ad, just close the tab and return to your page.

As you can see, all the seasons are listed. This isn’t like that for all the shows but for a popular one like this? Everything should still be intact.Just click on the season and a list of episodes and ads should follow as well, as usual ignore them and select your episode to land on a page like below.A list of the episode you want in three formats.

  1. MP4
  2. HD MP4
  3. 3GP (Low format, do go this way unless you really really have less data and hate the show)

Usually the first option is okay but the second is better.Click on it and solve the captcha, little test to determine if you’re human and you’ll get two options.

  • Watch online (Stream)
  • Download to your device.

Anyone you go for is absolutely fine. What matters is that you enjoy the show. I usually do a mix of both… Watch online when I want a quick fix or save for later when I’m less busy and have nothing to do.

That’s it, you’ve successfully learned how to download shows on O2tvseries. You can apply this little tutorial when downloading other shows. It’s the same way.

Are There Any O2tvseries alternatives?

I felt this section should be added because well sometimes these guys mess-up with the shows or don’t have it available on their website at all.

The ads are also a bit much but it’s the price we pay for free stuff, when you’re feeling not up to it, here are some O2tvseries alternatives you can try.

  • (Read our full download guide)
  • (Just exactly like O2tvseries)
  • (HD 480p quality free shows download)
  • (Way too much ads but shows in high quality version)

With these guys in place and your ISP with the data or WiFi? You can watch most TV shows online for free.

If you’re facing any difficulties carrying out any of these steps, leave a comment below, Let’s trash it out together yeah?

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