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How to Use Opera VPN to Access Sites From Different Locations

If you want to hide behind your original IP or browsing location, then you may not need an external VPN software like NordVPN to do that.

Opera has an inbuilt feature you can use. And it’s simple name? Opera VPN.

There are many reasons to want to hide your browser locations, from being able to access contents restricted due to your original location to unlocking faster Internet connection speed.

Whichever way it is, a simple answer might be Opera’s inbuilt VPN.

Access Four Different Continents With Opera VPN

One of the best things about Opera VPN feature is the fact that you can access different Countries across four different continents.

  • The Americas
  • Europe
  • Asia
  • Optimal Location.

This feature is perfect for you if you’re on a low budget and you’re not entirely Obsessed with masking your IP.

Turning it on is fairly easy, just select the location you wish to be browsing from and flick on the switch to activate the VPN feature.

how to use opera vpn

It’s always on the corner beside the URL input field on the browser but if you’re not using the latest version of opera, you may need to go into your browser settings to find that option.

To simply find it, just type “VPN” without quotes on the search form on the settings page.

Then you should see the option to put on your opera VPN feature.

If you’re hoping to use it for services like Netflix or PayPal then this might not be too wise as the IP(s) are not a dedicated one so you’ll need something serious for those.

how to use opera VPN

However, if you’re looking to just browse from a different location so you can see better content or hide your original browser location without using any piece of software or a browser extension, then use Opera VPN.

It’s your best bet.

The VPN paired with other features that makes opera the browser what it is today is why you should consider switching or at least use this feature if you need a VPN and don’t have a lot of money to make that happen.

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