How to Install/Update Stubborn Drivers to Your Computer

It’s not new that many find it difficult to install system drivers after they might have finished formatting a computer, may be due to lack of knowledge of where to get the drivers or maybe they don’t have good facilities to enable them install difficult and stubborn drivers to their computers.

After going through this post, you would learn how to install any driver to any system not withstanding the make of your device dell, toshiba, hp, lenova, zinox, apple etc.

Or the kind of drivers you are looking for chipset driver, realtek audio driver, V.G.A driver, U.S.B drivers, Ethernet/Network drivers etc.

What Is A System Driver?

A system driver is a utility that helps a computer work with full functionalities and also enhance the performance of the computer.

Without system drivers, you will surely not enjoy using your laptop or desktop computers. therefore every computer user must know how to install and update drivers to his or her computer.

There are many drivers which exist in the computer world and they vary depending on the make of your device and also on the operating system OS in which you installed on your computer, therefore the driver that worked for a TOSHIBA user might not work for a HP user and also might not work or might work for an apple user.

How Do I Install Or Update Drivers On My PC

We will be showing you two methods on how to install/update your computer drivers for the better performance of your computer.

  1. The use of a computer inbuilt utility
  2. The use of a software

We’re going to take you through these two ways to install or update your computer’s drivers.

FIRST METHOD (The use of a computer inbuilt utility)

To update your computer drivers using an inbuilt computer utility, follow the below steps:


Right click on MY COMPUTER => PROPERTIES. a pop up window will show, at the TOP LEFT, select DEVICE MANAGER.

device manager
Image: Windows 7 forums


The DEVICE MANAGER is a path in your computer that shows the list of the Computer drivers both the installed drivers and the non-installed drivers. click on each head with the sign (+) to display the sub-headings.

Now right-click on any driver option with the yellow icon as shown below, Then select UPDATE DRIVER SOFTWARE => SELECT SEARCH AUTOMATICALLY FOR UPDATED DRIVER SOFTWARE.

This method will search the internet for available driver softwares and automatically install them to your computer if any is found.

NOTE: Make sure you are connected to the internet before using this method.

SECOND METHOD (The use of a software)

Here we will make use of a software called DRIVER GENIUS. Follow the below steps to get it accomplished.


Download DRIVER GENIUS from the official website HERE.


After download, install and run the application, SELECT SCAN: this will scan your computer and display all the drivers which your computer doesn’t have and prompt you to download them.

friver genius


Click DOWNLOAD and after downloading CLICK INSTALL to install the downloaded driver. OR you can click DOWNLOAD ALL to download all required drivers at once. this could take longer time.

driver genius

Then after downloading click install to install them to your computer.

Use 3DChip to Update and Download New Drivers

A simple software like 3DChip is also a pretty straightforward solution to updating drivers on your computer.

In fact, in my opinion, it is the best way to detect the most compatible drivers for your PC cause sometimes you may just be getting it wrong with manual downloads and updates.

Get started with this alternative to driver genius by download the software from the official website HERE.

After download is complete, install and run it for a quick scan of your PC Drivers and it will tell you which needs update or downloading.

using 3dchip to update drivers

As you can see, my drivers are pretty up to date but the ones with the + Icon could use an update so click on them to download the current drivers and continue with your day. You can also use 3DChip to solve missing drivers problems.

It’s as simple as that. Problems? Feedback? We’re listening, please leave a comment below.

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