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How to Hide Files/Folders On Android Phones Without An App

If you’re reading this post, chances are that you are tired of the useless apps that are meant to help you hide files or folders on your android phones misbehaving.

Either by showing ads or just too difficult to navigate, I’ve been there and today, in this post I’ll show you how to hide important files or make folders secret on your android smartphone without an app, just one simple trick.

There are many reasons to want to hide files/folders on your phone. From having classified documents no one should see to pictures you don’t want accessible to everyone. Whatever the reason is, here’s a solution that works in less than a minute.

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Back to our post, to make important files not visible to people when they access your phone is very easy, this also works for folders as well. Let’s begin.

Trick to Hide Files/Folders On Your Android Smartphone

Your phone has a file manager yeah? That’s where we’ll go to hide those files and folders that’s important to you so the public can’t just see them when they access your phone.

First start by accessing your file manager and locating the file. For the sake of this tutorial, we’re going to hide this entire Legend folder on my phone.

The trick is to add a full stop “.” before the file or folder name to have it join the hidden gang. If this is new to you then you’ll be surprised to know that there are many system files and folders that have been on your phone since like forever but can’t be accessed due to the hidden feature in place.

Anyway, so from the screenshot above.. Depends on the phone, I am using a redmi note 5, a 2x junior to the Xiaomi redmi note 7 we unboxed a few days ago on so your phone’s placement may differ but they’re all the same.

So after selecting the file or folder you may want to click on more and add a “.” without quotes to the beginning of the file or folder name like below:

After that and you click the OK button you’ll get a simple prompt like below asking you if you’re sure about what you’re about to then click okay and voila, files gone.

But to where? Relax, it’s somewhere in the system. You can easily bring it back.

How to unhide hidden files/folders on Android

So here we are trying to undo the Thanos snap on your files. This is very easy, don’t worry, you don’t have to hunt for the six infinity stones and later the Infinity Gauntlet.

If you want to check your hidden files or restore them perhaps all you need to do is go to settings under your file manager and tap the show hidden files toggle like below:

Then all the hidden files will appear, from there you can always access your folder or files and if you want to restore them to normal just rename like the first step and remove the added “.” and that’s it.

Makes sense?

In conclusion

Whatever your reason is, this is foolproof method to hide files/folders on your android smartphone without an app.

You can go a step further in hiding your files by putting the files or folder in another folder before renaming, that makes it even more difficult or should I say invincible.

And with that you should have no problem making files un-seeable to the normal eyes when your phone is being browsed.

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