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Goojara: Download And Watch Movies, TV Series, Animes Online

Are you looking for a website you can trust for HD movies, TV series, even animes? is what you need.

If you’re living in a country or an area where streaming isn’t a thing due to factors like region availability, data tariffs, low budget and other reasons you may want to settle for downloading some of your favorite movies or TV shows offline.

Now that’s where websites like Goojara comes in.

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How to Download Latest Movies From Goojara

If you’re unable to hit the cinema or don’t have a subscription on premium streaming platforms like Netflix, Hulu… You may be missing out.

With Goojara you can stream or download the latest movies on your phone or laptop. Here is how.

Go to the website: and look around for the movie you want to stream for free or download. Right on the homepage, you can see trending movies that people are watching or downloading.

For example as at the time of writing this post, What Men Want, a movie starring Taraji P Henson is online and available for streaming or download on the site. The best part? The HD quality is available for that movie as well.

download movies on goojara
Goojara Movies

Click on the movies tab as seen on the homepage or the screenshot above and that should take you to the movie page directly where you can stream the entire thing or download.

I always download and watch later but whatever you decide to do is totally up to you.

The movies page usually looks like below and depending on the device you’re using to browse Goojara the movie download links are usually on the sidebar. The good thing about this website is the availability of multiple links to the same file you’re trying to download in case one goes down.

goojara movies
Goojara movie download page

As you can see there are two available for What Men Want. A Wootly link and GoUnlimited in HDR. Click on one of those two to reach the download page and hit the download button and that’s it, You’ve learned how to download movies from Goojara.

How to Download Latest TV Shows From Goojara

Can I download the latest TV series from Goojara? Yes, you can download most of them in fact, although not all your favorite shows are uploaded here. For example, there are just some shows you’ll only find on Netflix and Hulu.

However, there are some pretty cool TV series you can stream or download from Goojara as well. For example, a couple of these TV shows are updated weekly on the platform.

  • Game of Thrones
  • The Enemy With
  • Gentleman Jack
  • Knight Fall
  • Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta
  • Shadowhunters: The Mortal Instruments
  • Legends of Tomorrow
  • Arrow
  • American Idol
  • The Real Housewives of Atlanta
  • And many others.

Downloading or streaming these shows are exactly the same as downloading movies on Goojara.

Goojara TV Series

Simply hit the series option on the homepage instead, click on your preferred show, start streaming or get links and you’re all done. That’s how easy it is.

In Conclusion

Goojara makes it easy to watch movies and latest TV shows online and also download them to your device without restrictions but it does come with it’s own drawbacks.

Sites like Goojara are often made free but the cost of running them aren’t so they tend to make ads display aggressively on their website in other to keep the platform free and accessible to everyone.

Now you could use an ad-blocker to bypass most of these ads but then, keep in mind, it would mean they won’t be making enough money to keep running the platform again especially for free.

So weight the options, a couple of ads you could look at or taking a means of revenue off. The choice is really, up to you. We hope you’ve learned something on this post.

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