Google “Thanos” And Tap The Infinity Gauntlet to See What Happens

It’s no news that the new Avengers movie tagged Endgame was released yesterday, 26th April 2019.

It’s no news because we’ve been expecting it since Thanos, Marvel’s super villain snapped his finger while wearing the infinity gauntlet with all six infinity stones to wipe off half the population.

Interesting right?

Well, the new infinity war featured two of those snaps that literally turned things around. Who, what? Go watch it, we’re not giving you any spoilers.

Anyway the guys at Google decided to make things fun by inventing adding a simple infinity gauntlet icon on the search results page when you search for “Thanos“.

What Happens When You Tap The Gauntlet Icon On Google

Pick a guess.

Whatever it is, it’s great but what actually happens is that when you tap the gauntlet on the search results screen, a snapping occurs alongside animation and Half of the search results disappear in a mesmerising way.

infinity gauntlet trick

Don’t believe us? Take a look at the video below And that’s not all, This search isn’t limited to Thanos, if you search for “Infinity Gauntlet” too, you’ll see the same action of you click on the gauntlet.

Seen it? Cool right?

Now head over to Google and repeat it for a very satisfying live action.

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