Noteworthy Galaxy Note 10, 10+ Features From The Official Release Video

So Samsung has finally released its 10th edition on the Note series and this time, for the first time… Two phones are being unveiled at the same time as Note 10 and Note 10+ this year and the features, design, build of the smartphone is out of this world.

Samsung’s note devices are always something to look forward to every year and this time, they’ve brought a couple of new things to the table and we’d like to share them with you.

Unboxing, official review apart, we’ve not been able to get out hands on a unit yet, here’s everything new or noteworthy we’re able to salvage from the official release video and guys, you’ll love them.

1. You Can Control The Screen Without Touching It With The S-Pen

If you ask 80% of Note users, they’ll tell you the S-pen is one of the main reasons why they use the Note device in the first place and year after year, it just gets better.

At first, the design radically changed with the release of note 8 and note 9 saw a little bit of using the S-pen to control the phone without contact, Note 10, however, takes this to another level by providing Swipe assistance just by holding the S-pen and moving it around.

This made possible with Bluetooth. Get more deets in the video above.

2. The S-pen now Turns writing into Text

converting notes to text in the galaxy note10
Image: Cnet

Super cool right?

The new S-pen helps you share your thoughts instantly. Imagine taking a note at an event with your note 10 and being able to convert it to text that you can share anywhere later, now that’s sick.

3. The Pro-Grade Camera Vith Video Bokeh

If you watch the video you’ll see how powerful this feature is.

You can adjust the video background blur live and adjust to your taste and this is powered by Samsung’s DepthVision camera and Samsung also introduces new live focus effects for better stabilization when recording videos on the go.

Type of stuff you see in advanced cameras and Note 10 also blesses you with an advanced inbuilt video editing system that helps you edit videos in-phone live like a pro.

4. Note 10 Introduces Powerful Storage Capacity

We understand this isn’t the first time Samsung is teasing up 1TB storage capacity on their phones, the Note 9 has the potential and so does the S10 and S10+ but the Note 10 seamlessly brings this into reality.

In their words?

That’s laptop storage, without the laptop.

You also get up to 12GB RAM packaged with its processors and Samsung’s groundbreaking 5G chip which allows for less lag and more speed.

5. Cutting Edge Battery Intelligence

galaxy note10
image: Android Central

This is something we all love. The ability to use our mobile phones all day without the fear of having to charge or running out of power.

Granted there are easier ways to charge these days without stress. There’s the:

  • Reverse wireless charging (mostly on Samsung phones) that lets you charge your phone by placing it at the back of another phone (with the capacity).
  • Qi charging (wireless charging)
  • Fast charging with your lightning cable and adapter.

You can expect better with the 4300 mAh on the Galaxy Note10, 10+ with its super-fast charging that gives you all-day power from just 30 minutes charge.

6. Dex Got Better

A great way to increase productivity.

Dex is samsung’s way of integrating your phone into any computer to give you a smooth desktop experience right from your phone without your PC. This actually makes sense.

Since you’re already carrying up to Terabyte storage with you, why carry a PC. just get a computer, plug in your phone to see your data loaded. You could use Dex for anything from presentations to watching movies on your phone e.t.c.

7. Other Note 10, 10+ Features

Note 10 and it’s senior packs many other features you’ll love. Apart from the ones mentioned above, the Galaxy Note 10 also features:

  • Samsung Knox: The company’s next-level 6 layered security to protect your files from falling in the wrong hands when your files sync to a desktop that’s not yours.
  • Link to Windows: In partnership with Microsoft helps you sync photos from your Note10, 10+ .
  • One UI: Samsung’s custom Android user interface. Not similar but related to MIUI on Xiaomi phones.
  • Intelligent Assistant: The Note10 sees Bixby improved and helps you make sensible changes on demand.
  • The Display: One of Samsung’s most notable features. The Note10 sees notable changes in that too with its cinematic infinity display with AMOLED display and the new HDR 10+  that has 40% less light to reduce eye strain.

And with all that said? What a smartphone, an incredible device. We’re wrapping this up a question you may have in mind?

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Note10, 10+ Specs Comparison

Galaxy Note 10
Image: Engadget

These are the most notable changes between both devices as they both feature the new ultrasonic in-display fingerprint scanner but spots a slight difference in screen size with the Note10+ being slightly bigger with its 6.8″ nearly bezel-less infinity display.


Galaxy Note10

Aura Glow, Aura White, Aura Black

Galaxy Note10+

Aura Glow, Aura White, Aura Black

Screen6.3” Nearly Bezel-less Infinity Display*6.8” Nearly Bezel-less Infinity Display*
Display TypeEdgeEdge
S PenBluetooth, Air Action Wireless Gestures, Handwriting-to-TextBluetooth, Air Action Wireless Gestures, Handwriting-to-Text
BiometricsUltrasonic In-Display Fingerprint IDUltrasonic In-Display Fingerprint ID
Front Camera10MP Selfie Camera with Dual Pixel10MP Selfie Camera with Dual Pixel
Rear Camera12MP Wide, 12MP 2x Zoom, 16MP Ultra Wide12MP Wide, 12MP 2x Zoom, 16MP Ultra Wide
Capacity256GB Storage / 8 GB RAM256GB Storage / 12GB RAM, 512GB Storage / 12GB RAM
Battery3,500mAh Superfast Charging, All-Day Battery, Wireless PowerShare4,300mAh Superfast Charging, All-Day Battery, Wireless PowerShare
Legal*Screen measured diagonally as a full rectangle without accounting for the rounded corners*Screen measured diagonally as a full rectangle without accounting for the rounded corners

What’s the Samsung Galaxy Note10, 10+ Price? And Where to Buy?

To acquire the new Note 10 you may have to stretch your pocket a little bit.

Both devices are available on Amazon global for $949.99 (Note 10) and $1099.99 (Note 10+). Ready to get yours? These buttons will take you directly to the sales page where you can also ask questions should incase you have a couple.

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In case you’re wondering, both devices have been unlocked by Samsung for use anywhere so no need to fret. Go get yours to enjoy the new experience the new Note series brings to the table.

Looking for something a little bit smaller in pricing and specs? We recommend the new Xiaomi Mi A3, It’s got almost everything.

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