6 Best Websites to Download FREE Bollywood Movies In HD

What’s that now? You’re looking for websites to download Bollywood moves in HD format for free without signing up and less chances of getting malware, you’re in for a treat with this post.

Whether you’re an from India or not, we can’t deny the fact that Bollywood movies are wildly accepted everywhere with intriguing and interesting story lines that keeps its viewers on their seat wondering what’s going to happen.

And if it’s the popular rom-com movies, you can get them in Bollywood too with a lot more enthusiasm in music and dance performances, everything is on Bollywood these days and we at want to make sure you’re able to download your favorite and latest Bollywood movies to your device.

Seeing a downloaded movie has so many advantages over an online stream. It allows you more convenience; you don’t have to worry about the network or buffer; you’re just left with total control.

Bollywood movies brings about a lot of excitement and drama and for sure you wouldn’t want any interference when seeing these movies.

These 6 best websites to download  Bollywood movies in HD. These sites offer you a quick download link to these movies and in various formats.

Let’s dig in ūüôā

1. Bollywood Hungama free bollywood movies

For any download site finding links that lead to the files describing the content is very important even though not guaranteed on all sites. But Bollywood Movies Download makes sure you get the correct links at least most of the time within a few clicks.

This site does not have the best interface for a movie downloading site but they sure serve their purpose that’s making sure you download movies you desire.

One easily noticed thing about the site is that it contains a lot of advertisements which may come in your way of downloading but since its a free site it shouldn’t be so surprising.

2. Mp4 Mobile Movies

This is not only a site for downloading only Bollywood movies but also for other movies like Hollywood. Mp4 Mobile Movies has a slightly better interface than the first site on our list but the easiness of getting a movie downloaded is almost the same.

You will find Bollywood movies in HD having different formats and resolutions by simply clicking on the Bollywood category.

3. ClubMp4

If you’re not so new to the whole movie downloading square then there is a good chance that you already know ClubMp4. The site is very popular among movie lovers who turn to the internet to get their movies.

The website allows users the option to upload movies to the website and also to download. In fact, any movie you download from ClubMp4 is likely was uploaded by another user.

Finding a movie you want to download isn’t difficult as you will just have to enter the name in the search box and check if it is available before you download.


dwatchmovies for free hd bollywood movies

The name says it all, on this site you will find lots of movies belonging to different categories and Bollywood right in the middle of it.

You can choose to register on the site or just use it anonymously, you can also choose to download through the direct link or through torrent. The choice is yours.

A simple yet appealing interface and getting to download your Bollywood movies requires few clicks. Then to the quality which is really important, you can be sure to download HD Bollywood movies too.

Given all these, it also has a drawback. There are a lot of advertisements on the site but that’s not surprising as they have to pay the bills.

5. New 3Gp Movies

This website is very similar to ClubMp4 in the aspect of having to search for a movie’s availability before you download.

But in any case, it still serves it purpose which is to provide a place where one can download quality Bollywood movies.

Also, I commend them for leaving the adverts at minimum as this is very difficult to find websites in this category do that.


best websites to download free hd bollywood movies onlinemovies4u

On this site, movies are added by users just like in ClubMp4 and New 3Gp Movies. But something stands them out; you can find very old interesting movies here. Probably movies that you’ve heard of but haven’t seen them before.

Sometimes you may not find a link for a pretty new movie but all you have to do is check after some time and you may find it.

This is yet another place where you can rely on to download Bollywood HD movies.

Wrapping it all up, these are the best sites to download latest HD bollywood movies. If you want to dabble with Hollywood, we recommend using Goojara for free movies download and for streaming or downloading latest TV shows.

In case you find using these sites difficult due to advertisements interfering with your activity , you just have to know that these sites are free and that’s expected from free sites in this category.

You can also use paid subscription sites like Netflix or services like Plex TV or cable if you have the money which are a lot safer and convenient.

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