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How to Delete Your Snapchat Account (Twitter Account too)

If you have finally decided to delete your Snapchat account for an alternative or for other reasons, first of all, you should weigh your choices.

Why exactly do people decide to delete snapchat and/or any social media account? If this is cause you’re having problems using the app then you might want to check this snapchat not working guide.

Everyone has different reasons why they would want to get rid of any of their social media accounts. The way social media relationships are taken can be quite terrible. For some others, it is fine and in the end, it changes nothing about them.

Some, already have learned hard lessons being on social media and they want to delete their Snapchat or Twitter account, and never want to go back there.

Some others consider logging off for a while to create a mental distance. Here are some real-life situations that have prompted people to finally settle to have a Twitter or Snapchat delete button activated.

1. Hackers

Sometimes social media users suddenly find out their accounts has been hacked. The difficult process in recovering the hacked account has sometimes led to reporting it, so it would be shutdown.

2. Users change of location

When a Social media user makes a definite relocation with intent to change their circle, they may delete Snapchat, Twitter or other accounts too.

3.  Obsession

A particularly obsessed Snapchat and Twitter user who used to be an avid reader in the past made a self-reassessment and thought it would be good for her mental health to take a break from her social media accounts.

In the end? She deleted Snapchat and Twitter. Hope she finds peace wherever she is.

4. Tired of the fake life perhaps.

A Snapchat user says Snapchat is inauthentic and it makes her compare her life to others, which she hates. The irony is that many she is comparing her life with aren’t actually living authentic lives on social media.

Here is what the Snapchat user said:

“I think it forces us to look at our lives as a snapshot and equate our worth to likes. It lacks depth.”

She deleted Snapchat.

Snapchat Delete: How to Make it Happen?

Perhaps you’re one of many Snapchat users converting to Instagram, or for one reason or another, you decide it is time to delete Snapchat account, here’s how:

how to delete snapchat

You will open the app, then click on your profile icon which is in the top left corner.

Next is to go to Settings which is in the top-right corner. Navigate down to Help Centre, found under Support. Here you will be led to a search engine.

Enter “Delete my account”. After that, you’ll see instructions given as a search result. Right from there, it is pretty straightforward.

how to delete your snapchat account

Snapchat gives you a 30-day grace to reactivate your account before it is permanently deleted.

What About How To Delete Twitter Accounts?

Before we dive into ‘how you can delete your Twitter accounts for whatever reasons, do you know how Twitter collects and uses a host of information about you?

Read below:

  • Basic account information: Your name, email address, phone contact, username and password.
  • Contact information: Uploading or syncing your address book with Twitter, makes Twitter have a copy of your contacts. And whenever you have to send an email to the Twitter team, the contents of the email and also contact information in the email would be retained by Twitter for future use.
  • Location information: If you share a tweet that publishes your physical location, Twitter will have access to this information too.
  • Links and cookies: Twitter can take observation of how you interact with links across its services and use cookies to learn about your preferences. Twitter also monitors your device, operating system and even web browser you use to access its services.
  • Payment information: Whenever you do a complete transaction using a service owned by Twitter, then your payment information which includes card number, address, and billing, etc. will be stored by Twitter. But then, you still have the option to remove this information at any time.

Now, How exactly does Twitter use this information?

Twitter may use information gathered around your use of the account in the following ways:

  • Advertising: Twitter can use the information to show you some targeted ads.
  • Sharing to third parties: Although Twitter will not disclose your information to third parties without your consent except in certain circumstances. Twitter may disclose information of you with law enforcement agencies if it becomes legally obligated to. It may also do so if there is a dire situation and the company is filing for bankruptcy. Or perhaps is involved in a merger, acquisition, reorganization, or sale of assets.

Now, before you finally delete your Twitter account, ensure to download your archive. The archive will include all your tweets in chronological order.

To download your archive, go to your profile icon and click on it. Go to Settings. Then you should click on “Request your archive.”

Twitter will often take a while to get your archive set. When it is set, you’ll receive an email with a link to download, which will give you a .zip file.

how to deactivate twitter

After getting this set, log in to your Twitter account. Go to your account settings. Then scroll down to the bottom of your account and click “Deactivate my account.”

Thereafter, you will have to enter your password, and then your account will be deactivated.

Be informed that it would still take a period of 30 days before Twitter begins to delete your account. According to Twitter’s Privacy Policy, deleting account will still take a few weeks to finalize.

We hope this article on how to deactivate snapchat and twitter has been helpful. Please consider sharing and leave feedback below if you’re not sure what to do with what you just read.

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