PUBG Name Change: How to Change Name In PUBG Easily

PUBG name change is very easy to do however, tricky in most part as you have to reach some levels and have attained some heights in the game in other to be able to change your PUBG username but if you are here hoping to learn how to change your PUBG name, then you’ve come to the right place.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) is a multiplayer online battle royal game developed by a PUBG Corporation, a subsidiary of Korean publisher Bluehole.

Short for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, PUBG is an action shooter whereby 100 players battle until there is one particular person, duo, or team of four left standing. PUBG was launched on PC December 20, 2017 by PUBG Corporation.

The game is also readily available for Xbox One and launched for Playstation not too long ago. There are usually 100 players along with you. You will get on the plane and you have to be dropped on an island.


Either it’s the gameplay or the promotion, PUBG made it huge across several platforms. One significant reason for its popularity is that Battleground permits all types of users (experienced and inexperienced), a chance at its gameplay.

Changing Your PUBG Name

So, if you’ve downloaded PUBG and started gameplay in a rush, you may have found yourself registered with a name and appearance that you’d like to change. In that case, then follow the steps below to change your name and appearance in PUBG Mobile.

Note: In case you have not changed your name yet, you might need a Name Change card.

  • The item is obtainable to all those who updated to version 0.4.
  • If you haven’t gotten the card, proceed to Events and collect your update reward.
  • Now, head to inventory and open the ‘Box’ item at the bottom.
  • Use the Name Change card present to make your desirable changes.

Furthermore, if you’ve already used your Name Change Card that came with the 0.4 update, there’s an easy way to change your name once again. Follow these steps:

  • Finish all levels up to Level 10.
  • Gather your mission rewards for Level 10. These will also include a Name Change card.
  • Use the card as pointed out above.

How to Change Your PUBG Appearance

PUBG inventory
image: PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Game

Changing your appearance in PUBG Mobile is comparatively easier than the entire mix-up that surrounds a name change. But, changing your appearance comes with its own unique catch. These are the steps to take if you want to change your appearance in PUBG Mobile.

Make sure that you have 3000BP.

  • Go to the Main Menu and choose Inventory.
  • Immediately after you’ll open inventory, a reset appearance option will appear just next to your player.
  • This will present you with all the options required for an appearance change.
  • Make your changes and pay the dues.

We hope you’ve been enlightened well enough to go ahead and affect your own PUBG name now.

We’re interested in discussing this further, if you know a better way to carry out pubg name change or you’re having any trouble changing your PUBG username after reading this simple tutorial, please talk to us in the comments section.

This is the easiest guide on how to change name in pubg you’ll find on the internet.

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