13 Best Free Idle Tap Games You Can Download Now

A weird genre of gaming that has a good prospect in gaining expansion in the coming years is the ‘Idle tap games‘. Idle tap games have working mechanics that are kind of really simple to use and in this post, you’ll discover the best free idle tap games you can start playing right now.

Tap on the screen to generate a thing or you may have to wait for it to be generated on its own. Players have a few things they can upgrade to make each click worth more or rather just generate more items over a similar length of time.

But then, while that may sound a bit more complicated, it isn’t really so. Basically, players click, wait, upgrade and then repeat process.

There are an unending list of idle tap games on mobile, but here are the 13 best free idle tap games you can download now on Google Playstore.

1. Tower of Hero

tower of hero idle tap game
Source: PROAPK / YouTube

Tower of Hero has a lot to fascinate its players. Players tap to destroy monsters,  fill a dungeon with up to 100 heroes. But then, each hero and piece of gear delivers more damage to the monsters.

Adverts within the game are quite considerable – one banner ad and a video ad which is often triggered by players were sighted in one game session.

There is a social ranking element and because it’s a freemium game, the top tier of players usually aren’t free-to-play players.

Download Tower Of Hero

2. Tap Titans

Tap Titans is one of the highest rated idle tap games on the google app store. With its simple premise, players strike down all monsters on their way. Launch a hero attack by simply tapping the screen.

Players may also choose to hire other heroes to join them in the attack of monsters. And that is even when you aren’t really playing the game! Wow!

This means that even when players get busy offline, your team gets stuff while your team pulls down enemies on your behalf.
There are also some feature guilds in Tap Titans where you can get on a chat with other members and a group monster.

Download Tap Titans

3. Idle Miner Tycoon

Idle Miner Tycoon
Image: ModAPKDL

On Idle Miner Tycoon, you start with nothing, tap for a while, upgrade your stuff, and earn tons of stuff while it’s idle.

Players can hire managers who move along, explore a myriad of mines. And you can mine for over 15 different resources, unearthing their value.

The game has simple controls and decent graphics that can be played offline. Finally, it is a freemium game and very popular.

Download Idle Miner Tycoon

4. Clickpocalypse II

Clickpocalypse II idle tap game
Image: Clickpocalypse Game Play / YouTube

Clickpocalypse II doesn’t seem to have top notch graphic interface, but then it is one of the best free Idle tap games a user will ever consider to download.

The game is entirely free with advertising, and a little bit more complicated when compared to most idle tap games online.

Players are able to create a party of heroes to explore all of the various dungeons and kill several of the enemies. Players can also unearth items and earn various achievements.

A player’s character also has the opportunity to acquire and upgrade a bunch of abilities. Raid dungeons harnessing the loot chances of each one.

Download Clickpocalypse II

5. AdVenture Capitalist

adventure capitalist
Image: PlayStation 4 Network

Another quite popular idle tap game is the AdVenture Capitalist. The game has a bunch of stuff to upgrade. It plays like a fairly typical tap game. Honestly? It is one of the best idle tap games out there and it is also available on PS 4.

Players tap on the screen to earn some money; then they upgrade business to earn more money passively.

In AdVenture Capitalist, players also hire employees. More so, they attract investors, and then get their business as profitable as possible.

The game can be said to be a little less tap and a little more idle. And while is does get repetitive as well, the game is altogether one with a good experience.

Download AdVenture Capitalist

6. Bitcoin Billionaire

Bitcoin Billionaire
Source: 99 Bitcoins

This game gained a lot of popularity when Bitcoin was big in the news. And then, it is still big in the list of idle tap games.

Bitcoin Billionaire works just like many other idle tap games. Players start small with a bunch of clicks and then transitions slowly into the idle part with various upgrades. It also features achievements and bonuses. Players can also adopt pets and/or robots!

Download Bitcoin Billionaire

7. Cookies Inc

cookies inc
Image: YouTube

Cookies Inc, has an awesome them. And as the name implies, it has a bunch of cookies in it.

Players click to make and collect cookies. These cookies received, give you money  that would in turn be used to upgrade your business to generate more cookies and then, more money.

This particular idle tap game comes with social elements so that you can also play with friends. It supports offline use and even has an auto-clicker function as a special ability.

Download Cookies Inc.

8. Egg Inc

egg inc tap game

Egg. Inc is also a popular idle tap game in which players start a farm, tap to generate some profits and then build the farm to generate some profits when idle.

Players hire employees in the game to move things along more quickly.

There are missions, leaderboards, Google Play Games achievements, and some modern features.

Download Egg, Inc.

9. Endless Frontier Saga 2

Endless Frontier

One thing is particularly interesting about this game, and that is the in-depth user interaction.

Endless Frontier features guilds and dungeons; also with player-versus-player and guild-versus-guild fights specially for those interested in putting their skill to test against fellow players.

Players will definitely not be stuck for a choice when deciding who to go with especially with over 150 unique heroes in the game.

Download Endless Frontier Saga 2

10. Almost a Hero

Almost a Hero is a little more involved than many of the other idle tap games. Players get 15 heroes, variety of upgrades and plenty of missions to play through. Players also get the tap mechanic when combating enemies.

Almost a Hero has side quests, secret areas, and many other such stuff.  It is a freemium game, but may not give a easy experience to those who want it.

Download Almost a Hero

11. Illuminati Adventure

Illuminati Adventure

Illuminati Adventure is a much recent idle tap game. Players take variety of jobs that are profitable.

The game has a rich pacing. Players are engaged in a passive business with a few upgrades and bonuses to get in more money for you while you’re not playing.

Quite some morally bankrupt business ventures are set to get yourself included in. A lesson is there on corruption, but it isnt even really obvious.

Download Illuminati Adventure

12. Birdstopia

Birdstopia has a setting which involves sitting and relaxing through a mystic paradise which you had created. There are different birds in view which you may capture and/or meet.

It is a free idle tap game basically for Androids and iOS devices.

Download Birdstopia

13. Sudden Warrior

Sudden Warrior is a game with simple tapping mechanics. A player would have to help a warrior to combat the monster he encounters while on an adventure.

The game is free and basically for mobile devices.

Download Sudden Warrier

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